26 Comments on “Coin Collection – Canadian Pennies”

  1. Nice collection of Canadian pennies Brad!   Thanks for the upload!   ‘Liked and Subbed’.   Cheers Moolachacho!

  2. I am aware you posted this 5 years ago. Lol, but there are 4 2003 models. first has old Queen Effigy, second has old queen Effigy and magnetic. The third has the new queen face is not magnetic but the last one with the newer face is magnetic! There are many variants of pennies in the last 10 years!

  3. awesome collection, I’m just starting. I have a one dollar, fifty cent, twenty five cent, five cent, and one cent. all silver except the one cent, and all of my coins are 1953 I’m trying to find out what it’s worth? if you or anyone can contact me, I’m Robert. @ 671- 972- 2519. thank you.

  4. I have two pennies 1970 and 1989 could you tell me what I’m looking for and what they are worth if anything?

  5. Tengo 3 monedas canadiense una de un centavo 1963 una de un dólar y una de 25 centavos como puedo saber si son de colección

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