LUCKY NUMBER 13! Silver Half Dollars Found Coin Roll Hunting! Ender! Treasure Hunting

Elegant Coin Display Boxes

Another great box of Half Dollars! Several great finds! Plus an awesome ender!

Dansco Coin Albums

38 Comments on “LUCKY NUMBER 13! Silver Half Dollars Found Coin Roll Hunting! Ender! Treasure Hunting”

    1. usually takes a week to get them, i order them ahead of time, can take 2 weeks sometimes! depends on supply

  1. What did you find out if anything yet about your double reverse half dollar? maybe you should go to dollar store get a pair of reading glasses I have them all over the place. I call them my old lady glasses. Anyway love your videos. thanks

    1. right now silver is down, so they are only worth 2.50 to 3 bucks…….but once that silver spot price goes back up i plan to sell them

  2. Crazy awesome box!! I love getting proofs and silver!! I still have not found a Benjamin or walker yet. But hopefully, eventually I’ll have my shot.

  3. Sorry but I have to say, I love your channel but every time you coin roll hunt you are never wearing gloves. And it makes me have uncontrollable twitches lol.

    1. Yes wearing gloves is not important, retail employees handle coins all day and don’t wear gloves. Soap works just fine.

  4. I wish that person who puts that marker on the ear would stop it and fess up!!!! It ruins possible finds for others. Thanks for the hunt.

  5. I enjoy the videos and have seen many. May I recommend you start using reading glasses (I was in denial about them too). A box cutter is a big help too.

  6. I always get the coins where the We Trust is crossed out and black marker in God we trust

  7. Also, there are SO many new collectors that tune in, they may need some of those Kennedy’s to fill out there albums.. just a thought..

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