My Rare 19th Century Silver Hong Kong Coin Collection

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Hi YouTube! Here's my collection of nicer, larger silver coins from the British colony of Hong Kong in China. The Chinese lost the island after the Opium war then leased the peninsula for another hundred years in 1897. In 1997, the area was handed back to China with pomp and ceremony. Overnight, the word "Royal" on signage was removed.

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29 Comments on “My Rare 19th Century Silver Hong Kong Coin Collection”

  1. Hi HT! I paid about $300-$400 each for the HK silver dollars and around $30 for the fifty cent pieces. Mind you, I had bought them probably about 5 years ago or longer. CP

  2. i have to coin chine hongkong jepun.1799/1801/1908/1734/27 year poids 0,900/$1 dollar hongkong 1998/29 year of kuang hsu.pei yang year 1511/ wtsap me 0172069018…amok now urgent

  3. Too bad all the coins are heavily cleaned and thus are mainly just silver value……….did you buy them like that? Never buy such heavily cleaned junk.

    1. kamuzu Hi K! Of course I would prefer high grade issues but I buy what comes available for a good price. When it comes to difficult to come by issues, some past cleaned coins do not go down to silver value unless they are really common or very modern. Every collecting level has its own market. Plus, beginners do start out with filler coins and replace them with higher grades later on within their budgets. Sell all your lower grade HK Victorian coins and I’ll gladly buy each and every one for silver value. Lol! I doubt many would be willing. Bought a holed Hong Kong 1867 silver dollar for less than $100 before on EBay and ended up reselling locally for $300. Different buyers, different budgets. Thanks for your opinions! CP

    2. +Coinpicker ok, thanks for that explanation. I know the HK market but for paper money not so much coins. I agree that any Victorian HK silver would always be over silver value even in lowest grade. As a bank note collector I have a very low tolerance for any cleaning or pressing of notes, so was bringing that bias into the coins. Congrats on finding all three of those $1 dates…..1866, 7, 8 !

    3. I dabble a bit with banknotes too. When I found a super low serial numbered $20 from circulation (I think 0000053) I was very forgiving on the condition (VF?) since it was for face value. I’m a value collector. I live for a great deal. I may not want something for my own collection but buy it to trade or resell if it’s a steal.

    4. It took so long to complete that Hong Kong silver dollar 3 coin set on a shoe string budget. I was taking my time finding them as you can find them anytime if you’re willing to pay $1000 each for XF+ cheers! CP

    1. Hi! For Hong Kong coins, I’m not too interested in the modern, cupronickel coinage. Pre-1930’s stuff and silver coins for sure! CP

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