Philippines 1 Peso 1961 (Large Silver Coin of the Week Oct 25 2016)

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I've decided to collect large silver coins from around the world. My specification for coins I'll be adding to this collection are:
Diameter: approximately 35mm and up
Composition: must contain some silver
Additionally this collection won't include bullion coins.
Stay on the look out for videos of new coins being added.
I'll be posting a video for a new coin addition each Friday for the rest of the year.

If anyone has a suggestion for a coin I should add to the collection, please comment below.

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31 Comments on “Philippines 1 Peso 1961 (Large Silver Coin of the Week Oct 25 2016)”

    1. +shiny packAGe Thanks! I’m really enjoying collecting the world coins. I’ll be posting a video like this one every Tuesday night.

  1. FYI, these are very similar to the US silver dollar, in silver content and size. Right now I have this very coin in a coin capsule made for a silver dollar

  2. No way. I also just started a ‘Large World Silver Coins’ collection (haven’t said anything on YT about it). Awesome!

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